Stronga DumpLoada DL900HP trailers excel in heavy material transport

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January, 2015

Stronga dump tractor-trailer DL900 HalfPipe is the optimum sized heavy haulage solution in the Stronga dump trailer range, leading to increased productivity, efficiency and profitability in quarrying, mining and heavy material transport.

Dumper tractor-trailers have become an admired solution for civil engineering projects as companies have realised the superior potential of powerful dump trailers over ADT’s in rough and unforgiving conditions.

Stronga dumper trailer campaign

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A commitment to heavy material transport

Specialist Stronga quarrying and mining trailers are engineered for optimal performance, designed for comfort, and built to last in even the harshest mountainous Scandinavian environments. Developed specifically for high production mining, construction and hard rock conditions, DL900HP keeps heavy material moving at high speeds and high volumes to lower your cost-per-ton.

Stronga dumper trailer

Rock solid strength

Uncompromising power.

Stronga strength

The full Hardox 450 wear plate body ensures unyielding and immovable strength, uncompromising power and excellent durability in the face of the toughest hard rock applications. Proven for the toughest conditions, the indestructible Hardox wear plate body provides outstanding torsion strength to minimise the impact of hard rock during heavy haulage operations.

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Dump trailer tipping heavy rocks

Pioneering HalfPipe body contour

Innovative, modern, safe and efficient.

Stronga HalfPipe dumpers

DumpLoada HalfPipe tractor-trailer bodies extend driving and loading dynamics, including:

  • Reduces shock loading during harsh operations such as quarrying, contracting mines and heavy sand transport.
  • HalfPipe profile provides excellent load retention while driving over undulating terrain.
  • Bulk materials slide at a shallower angle along the sides during unloading, reducing the risk of damage to the dumper body when hauling boulders.
  • Bulk materials slide to the centre of the HalfPipe during unloading, improving trailer stability while dumping.
  • HalfPipe contour design eliminates the need for axial and transverse beams, leading to boosted payload.
  • Maintains a low centre of gravity with optimum load distribution for increased stability.

Dump trailer with rubble

Evolution on the outside. Quality inside.

You can rely on Stronga and BPW to optimise quality on the inside through extreme durability and excellent reliability. DL900HP BPW axles are proven for the toughest applications with sprung suspension (air suspension and hydraulic suspension optional), axle and brakes specified to offer:

  • Extremely robust, reliable and long life service
  • Rapid brake response times and consistently excellent braking
  • Longer service intervals and reduced maintenance costs
  • Optimal suspension functionality and technical dynamic characteristics, no matter where you happen to be driving

Dump trailer BPW axle

Extremely robust sprung suspension

DL900HP sprung suspension configuration dynamics are synonymous with world class and durability for the professional quarrying contractor. Axle, suspension and braking technology must evolve for the increased weights and undulating surfaces that are typical of Scandinavian quarrying environments. Optional bogie axle (shown below), air suspension and hydraulic suspension also available.

Bogie axle

Stronga continue to be proactive in designing dedicated mining machines with correctly specified axles, suspension and brake systems that surpass safety standards. Safety and long life are integral components of all Stronga dump trailer designs.

Dump trailer sprung suspension

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Stronga dump trailers are industry-leading quarrying and mining transport machines. Click here to discover the heavy-duty DL1200 option which could further extend your heavy material transport potential >

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