Hooklift tip trailer: HookLoada renewable wood energy (Environmental sustainbility)

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January, 2015

Stronga always look for ways to tackle contemporary environmental issues. With hook loader trailers that aid waste storage, transport and processing, Stronga thinkGreena asks you to become self-sufficient by generating renewable energy from wood. Click the logo below to discover more about Stronga thinkGreena.

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Watch the hook lift wood chip harvest video >

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Wood biomass energy

  • Wood provides renewable energy and is widely accessible = environmentally sustainable.
  • Wood is the cheapest renewable heating solution = financially viable.
  • Wood is carbon neutral = no greenhouse gases.

Stronga hook loader is the perfect transport solution. Coupled with suitable containerised modules, our hook lift trailer transports, stores, delivers and even dries timber so you can make great use of this renewable resource as wood energy.

Application 01: Solid wood trailer transport

soild wood trailer transport

Transportation costs for wood biomass in its different forms vary due to tree species, distance to the wood storage facility, terrain, road condition and much more. Variations in these factors mean transport solutions must be uniquely designed to meet constraints at a local level.

Stronga offer the optimum solution for small-scale timber distribution and transport companies using HookLoada and flatbeds with bolsters. In the images above, see the 7.2m flatbed offer a high load capacity (18m2) for increased productivity in forestry.

Stronga hook lift trailers are exemplary forestry machinery with highly durable Hardox 450 steel and Nokian Country King heavy radial tyres for reduced rolling resistance over boggy forestry terrain.

Application 02: Wood chip trailer transport

wood chipping into trailer

Wood chip transport has never been easier with a hook lift trailer and container system. This quality partnership is the key to the 1st step in obtaining renewable energy. Discover the process below:

  1. Bulk containers are loaded onto Stronga HookLoada and transported to the wood source.
  2. Wood is processed into chips with a wood chipper which instantly loads a bulk hook lift container through an auger.
  3. The fully loaded bulk hook lift container is then transported to the wood store and deposited. Wood chips tipped into high heaps will naturally start to self-dry.
  4. If the wood store is elsewhere, with multiple hook lift containers, customers can leave a full container by the road for collection while an empty container is simultaneously loaded in the forest.

Application 03: Wood chip drying

wood chip container drying

Wood chip drying is a difficult process to get right but Stronga have plenty of solutions to offer – we will help you find the best solution for your business to obtain renewable energy.

In-container drying reduces handling for less hassle but it is obvious this is not the most thermally efficient method due to re-condensing in the container and variable drying results because wood chip is exposed. Therefore Stronga offer alternative drying solutions, such as;

  1. Stronga Horizontal and Vertical airflow containers.
  2. Stronga FlowDrya.

Application 04: Wood chip trailer storage & delivery

wood chip trailer delivery and storage

Building a wood chip store can be expensive, unattractive and largely inconvenient so why not consider owning a Stronga Biomass container?

Biomass containers are the future of obtaining renewable energy from wood. Coupled with multi-functional Biomass moving floor containers, HookLoada offers efficient wood chip transport and storage that will bring you a constant, quality supply of chip.

Unlimited biomass opportunities

Wood chips are just one of a few renewable solutions with the Stronga hook loader trailer. See below a hook lift trailer transporting, storing and delivering round wood. Consider these wood energy solutions with HookLoada too:

  • Wood Briquette transport, storage and delivery.
  • Wood Pellet transport, storage and delivery.

Discover more

To find out about transport, storage, drying and delivery systems, click here to read the HL180 T features and benefits web page >

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