Holistic forestry solutions. Hook lift timber forwarding, storage, drying and delivery

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January, 2015

Stronga have revolutionised forestry operations using hook lift trailers and containers operating at the centre of the biomass handling system from timber forwarding to wood chip drying and delivery. HookLoada system matched with appropriate containers can handle woody biomass in all its forms from round wood and wood chunks to sawdust and timber residues.

hook lift timber forwarding

See the round wood transport video >

Clients working directly and collaboratively with Stronga ensure correctly-specified hook lift machinery for their business, enabling the opportunity to utilise expanding timber markets such as renewable wood energy.

Grasp that opportunity and thrive.

Machines in synchronised productivity

Stronga HookLoada is flexible to the customers’ requirements. If you are transporting timber, drying wood chip, delivering wood fuel, storing wood or operating the whole sequence, Stronga offer the complete solution using hook lift trailers and multiple correctly-specified containerised modules.

HookLoada makes the impossible, possible.

Stronga HookLoada

Improve fuel economy. Reduce emissions. Optimise performance.

At the heart of our continuing quest for perfection.

Stronga fuel      Stronga emissions     Stronga efficiency and productivity

Transportation efficiency for wood biomass operations is critical and varies due to tree species, distance to the wood storage facility, terrain, road condition and much more. Variations in these factors mean timber transport solutions must be uniquely designed to optimise handling efficiency.

At Stronga, the hook lift design team precisely specifies hook lift trailers to optimise the individual performance for the customer, including driven axles. That way, Stronga are confident that HookLoada trailer and container transport solutions offer optimum fuel economy, efficiency and productivity in round wood transport and timber forwarding.

Hugely powerful. Enormously efficient.

The HookLoada HL180 T boasts a tough, compact design that offers excellent maneuverability in the forest environment, yet it has the strength, power and capacity required for high production timber transport. The powerful HL180 T design gives the customer the added value needed for demanding timber forwarding operations.

hook lift timber forwarding

Dynamics. Elegance. Passion.

The denser forestry becomes, the more the dynamic hook lift trailer design thrives with desirable maneuverability, elegance, poise and passion.

Stronga hook lift trailers also guarantee easier driving through difficult forest conditions with forest tyre, steering and driven axle options that track in the same path to ensure that this is a very fast and productive timber forwarder. Reduced rolling resistance Nokian radial tyres that are almost magnetic to the surface thrive on any terrain. 

hook lift trailer forestry

Combining services, equipment and technology to build your success

Hook lift trailers are truly universal with specific containerised modules; customers can now transport, dry, store and blow woody biomass in its different forms (round wood, wood chip fuel etc.). That means with HookLoada, Stronga are offering you the opportunity to operate the entire timber system, from the forest to the boiler.

Utilise the expanding renewable wood energy market and maximise your profits, all with one machine. One Stronga HookLoada. See below the round wood transport process with a 18m2 flatbed (left image) and the wood chip drying process (right image) with a Stronga horizontal drying container. 

round wood timber forwarding with hook lift trailer

HookLoada at the centre of efficient woody biomass handling

  • Round wood timber forwarding from forest to road side.
  • Forest residue wood fuel for district heating.
  • Round wood delivery to sawmills and other timber production compounds.
  • Whole tree wood chipping.
  • Wood chip batch and continuous drying systems for wood fuel.
  • Container blown wood fuel deliveries.

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