Stronga containerised drying vs. Traditional wood chip seasoning

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August, 2014

Stronga have experience in designing all-inclusive solutions for woodchip drying in Hooklift container modules.

Stronga have the confidence to provide specialist advice, reliable support and efficient drying solutions for customers who have products to dry. Discover how you could significantly increase your dry product output with Stronga.

Traditional seasoning vs. Container drying

Traditional timber seasoning concept

Traditional seasoning is a natural method of air drying woodchip in conical heaps.

Traditional woodchip seasoning

However, traditional seasoning is an inefficient process, taking 2 years or more to suitably reduce moisture content. Inefficiency is an issue for many businesses who often require an immediately saleable product.

Stronga containerised drying concept

Stronga manufacture and design two types of drying container solutions which work alongside our HookLoada trailer for the transport, delivery and storage of wood fuels:

  1. Horizontal airflow type.
  2. Vertical ‘bottom up’ airflow type.

1. HCD airflow 2. vertical airflow container dryer

Containerised drying allows customers to blow hot air through wet chip to suitably reduce moisture content for biomass boiler fuel.

Where traditional seasoning can take 2+ years, container drying can turn wet wood chip into a saleable product in as little as 1-3 days. Imagine the dry output potential with a multiple drying container system.

All-inclusive drying solutions

To maximise efficiency and performance, the Stronga technical team work with the customer to specify an inclusive drying system. The inclusive drying system is entirely collated and designed by Stronga:

  • Boiler (Stronga work with preferred boiler suppliers).
  • Coil/heater exchanger design.
  • Fan type.
  • Plenum design.
  • Air temperatures, air pressure and relative humidity.

HCD external 1

How do the drying methods compare?



Short drying time - dependent on numerous factors Environmentally friendly
Less external influence on drying process Low energy input requirement
Ability to use waste heat from CHP, AD plants or other sources
Ability to chip into the container + Dry in the container + Deliver with the container
Can work with hook lift trailer or hook lift truck
Mobile asset such which the customer can easily sell on
Flexibility to dry a long list of wet products

HookLoada shuttling process

HookLoada works alongside our BatchDrya containers in what is an efficient, flexible and high performance drying system.

Discover the wood chip energy harvest video below to see how the HookLoada fits into the drying process.

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If you are interested in this woodchip drying investment, contact our drying technical team for professional support. Stronga require certain information to allow us to advise clients on establishing thermally efficient drying solutions. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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