Stronga 12,000 litre capacity hook lift vacuum tanker – Innovation in tanker design

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July, 2014

Stronga SuperTanka ST12+ is the highest spec hook lift vacuum tanker in the Stronga range, leading to maximum efficiency and productivity.

Stronga Vacuum Tanker solutions offer optimal liquid filling and transport efficiency. Optimising productivity, you have the opportunity to drive your transport costs into the ground with this high volume vacuum tanker solution.

SuperTanka ST12+ title

The world’s No. 1 is now more efficient

SuperTanka ST12+ is a hooklift chassis-mounted assembly that comes fitted with the highest spec features, leading to massive efficiency improvements over and above SuperTanka ST10.

Explore the innovative hooklift tanker features and imagine the unlimited possibilities:

Battioni Pagani suction pump

Battioni suction pump

Highly powerful and versatile Battioni suction pump is operable when mounted on a hook lift or from the ground, leading to increased efficiency and reduced liquid filling cycles.

Primary and secondary float valves with visibility eye

Hook loader vacuum tanker float valve

Dual ball float valve prevent slurry injection into the pump for long life Battioni pump reliability. The visibility eye is an instant indication to the operator when overfilling has occurred for maximum peace of mind.

Hydraulic rear door

Vacuum tanker hydraulic rear door

Full opening hydraulic rear door allows the operator to easily and safely access inside the tank for cleaning and general maintenance.

Inlet and Outlet points

Hook loader vacuum tanker inlet outlet

Inlet and Outlet double pipe configuration ensures greater efficiency because the in-tank water pressure does not influence the liquid filling process, leading to significantly reduced filling time.

Sight gauge

ST12 site gauge

Side sight gauge offers an instant visual indication of the volume of liquid in the tank at any one time. This useful feature leads to efficiency and greater productivity from reduced operator hours.

Open your mind to versatility

In this day and age, can you afford to turn down opportunities? Stronga ST12+ vacuum tanker is a cross-over product that is operable on both hook lift trucks and hook lift trailer systems.

This cross-over feature allows the professional operator the flexibility and confidence to know that is a lifetime investment, even if they change from a tractor to a truck, SuperTanka will still be applicable.

Hook loader vacuum tanker

Added flexibility for maximum efficiency

Stronga SuperTanka ST12+ hook lift vacuum tank is a versatile system, operable in dual ways for increased efficiency and flexibility on static or moving plants:

  1. Operable while mounted on a hook lift chassis.
  2. Operable from the ground, when connected to a power pack or tractor.

1. Hook loader vacuum tanker on chassis 2. Hook loader vacuum tanker ground demounted

The choice is in your hands. This innovative ability offers the professional operator the flexibility to access stable plants or moving operations – a feature which only a hook loader trailer and SuperTanka partnership can operate.

SuperTanka ST12overview:

Stronga SuperTanka ST12+ benefits

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