Hook lift vacuum tanker range overview – The great value trailer-container partnership

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July, 2014

Did you know 70% of agricultural costs are in transportation?

Extend your container collection and cut your transport expenses with Stronga hooklift vacuum tanker - the great value trailer-container partnership. Join hundreds of customers. Make a great business decision.

Stronga SuperTanka title

Stronga vacuum tankers offer customers optimal liquid filling, spreading and transport efficiency. Optimising productivity, you have the opportunity to drive your 70% transport costs into the ground.

Dream big. Think SuperTanka.

Popular ST10, ST12 and ST15 models are hooklift chassis-mounted assemblies that can be used for filling, spreading or transporting liquid products.

Explore just a few of the limitless vacuum tanker applications. Imagine the possibilities in Agriculture, Construction and beyond:

SuperTanka agriculture

  1. BOWSER FOR FILLING CATTLE TROUGHS: SuperTanka is a mobile water bowser unit, available at any time for the efficient filling of cattle troughs. It can act as a constant water source if left in the field, reducing the daily journey to re-fill each cattle trough.

Bowser for filling cattle troughs

  1. SLURRY HANDLING: SuperTanka can be used as a slurry tank in the field. Fitting different spreading devices to the vacuum tanker offers the flexibility to spread slurry in diverse ways with Stronga hooklift slurry spreader tanks.
  1. LIQUID FERTILISER: Hooklift customers frequently use SuperTanka as a means of handling and transporting liquid fertiliser to the field. The most popular sizes are 10,000-15,000 litre capacity vacuum tankers. However larger tanks are also available for efficient fertiliser applications.
  1. NURSE TANK FOR SPRAYER: Nurse tank for sale. Stronga vacuum tankers are commonly used as nurse tanks for sprayers to improve efficiency. With suction and pressure pump control, the ST range is very easy to operate.

SuperTanka construction

  1. DUST SUPPRESSION: This is a professionally designed Dust Suppression Tanker for dust control on industrial, mining and quarry roadways, along with other construction sites. The Stronga hooklift vacuum tanker allows efficient irrigation of the dusty roads associated with construction sites for road washing and dust control.

ST range dust

  1. FIRE FIGHTING WATER BOWSER: Our vacuum tanker unit can operated as a mobile or static water supply for fire fighting. ST10, 12 or 15 provide a large water volume supply for fire disaster incidents.
  1. DISASTER RESPONSE: Stronga Vacuum Tanker trailer units will always be on-hand for disaster preparedness. During an oil or chemical spill, use Stronga vacuum tanker services to efficiently clean the site to avoid environmental damage or contamination.

Designed with you in mind

Stronga SuperTanka ST-type machines are cross-over products, operable on:

  1. Hook lift trailers
  2. Hook lift trucks

1. Hook lift vacuum tanker 2. Truck lift vacuum tank

The cross-over feature offers customers the flexibility to mount SuperTanka on a wide spectrum of machines, leading to a high resale value and low cost of ownership.

The power is in your hands

SuperTanka ST range hooklift vacuum tank is a versatile system, operable in alternative ways for increased productivity and flexibility on static or moving plants:

  1. Operable while mounted on a hook lift chassis
  2. Operable from the ground, when connected to a power pack or tractor

1. Hook lift mounted vacuum tank 2. Ground demounted vacuum tank

This unique and innovative ability offers the professional operator the flexibility to access stable plants or moving operations – a feature which only a hook lift and SuperTanka partnership can operate.

Control it your way

Stronga Vacuum tankers come fitted with simple and effective control mechanisms, leading to easier, faster and more productive tanker operations.

The Vacuum Tanker hydraulic shut-off valve means you can now take maximal and instant control of the fluid discharge – straight from the comfort of the tractor/truck cab.

Hook lift vacuum tank shut off valve

SuperTanka ST range overview:

Stronga hook lift vacuum tank benefits

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