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July, 2014

The Stronga BL660 bulk trailer is seen in this case study producing optimum efficiency in bulk grass silage harvest transport.

Today, Stronga’s distinctive bulk trailer range continues to offer ultimate performance, together with efficiency and reliability in bulk capacity transport. It is no wonder that BL660 operators remain relaxed and productive throughout even the longest working days.

The bulk grass silage story…

BL660 GS title

An overview of the grass silage harvest…

BL660 is the perfect size for optimal efficiency in grass silage transport. The capacity increase with silage extension sides amount to 12.5% more.

Compare BL660 and BL600 agricultural bulk trailer specifications to realise your efficiency potential:

Technical capacity 19000kg 20000kg
Gross weight 24000kg 26000kg
Wheels & Tyres 560/60 R22.5 580/65 R22.5
Tipping angle 51° 51°
Standard capacity 22m³ 24m³
Capacity with 800mm Silage Extension 32m³ 36m³

What does 12.5% more every load mean to you?

Stronga efficiency and productivity

12.5% greater silage capacity, increasing efficiency by 12.5%.

Stronga clock

12.5% time saving, making you more productive.

Stronga fuel

12.5% fuel saving. Excellent fuel efficiency for optimum economy.

Stronga money

An investment in BL660 offers substantial financial savings which really add up over the season.

High capacity. High speed.

Optimal bulk trailer BL660 capacity transports 36m³ payload of grass silage every load, every day. Coupled with high speed trailer performance, BL660 turns out pioneering grass silage transport efficiency. In this day and age, can you afford to miss the opportunity of transporting bulk silage loads at rapid speeds?

BL660 GS capacity

Road & Field compatibility

Long life reliability in the field and on the road, leading to a low cost of ownership is guaranteed with Stronga agricultural bulk trailers. Super-speed bulk trailers reduce silage harvest transport cycle times so the customer was able to optimise efficiency. Stronga guarantee reduced fuel usage, labour hours and tractor wear and tear with BL660, leading to fuel and financial savings that really add up.

BL660 GS on off road

Nokian Country King heavy radial tyres

Stronga bulk trailer BL660 is fitted as standard with heavy Nokian radial Country King tyres. Hard-working Nokian tyres offer natural trailer suspension with easy pulling ability to reduce fuel usage. BL660 comes fitted as standard with upgraded 580/65 R22.5 tyres. This is beneficial because you get very high grass silage load capacity, even at high speeds of 50km/h.

BL660 GS tyres

Easy silage ejection

During the grass silage harvest unloading phase, the tapered body allows clean and smooth grass silage ejection for fast and hassle-free tipping performance.

BL660 GS rear door

Powerful hydraulic tipping cylinder

A powerful hydraulic tipping cylinder rapidly drives the bulk trailer body to 51° for swift silage deposits. Quick cycles minimise wasted time, enabling a quick return to collect the next 36m³ grass silage payload.

BL660 GS tipping

Bulk grass silage transport story summary…

BL660 GS image + story

Find out more…

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