Wrapped and unwrapped Bale Handler SUB240 - Double efficiency.

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June, 2014

The Double Universal Bale Grab SUB240 attachment allows the professional operator to experience a new level of efficiency. Stronga SUB240 is a tried and tested design that has evolved into a reliable and ultra-efficient product. Stronga aim to continuously improve their products, personnel and practices to ensure the requirements of the customer are met, every time.

Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 title

Originality and Efficiency

100% more efficient by design, therefore 50% less fuel consumption and 50% fewer operation hours*. The modern environment demands this level of harvest efficiency. With time critical harvest operations, this machine can make the difference. Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 efficiency

Reducing operative times by 50%!

In today’s environment, who can afford to operate inefficient processes? Stronga SUB240 customers repeatedly tell us about the benefits of reduced cycle times:
  • 100% more bales handled per hour
  • 50% less fuel consumption per 1000 bales handled
  • 50% less tractor or handler operating hours, less wear and tear
  • 50% fewer operator hours
With the ability to pick up two bales simultaneously, rather than one at a time, SUB240 users cut their bale handling costs in half.

Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 double

Ease-of-use raises efficiency further

SUB240 can be specified for use with either 1 or 2 double acting spools, depending on your machine. On single acting spools, dual clamps work sequentially. With two double acting spools, you have the ability to independently operate clamps. Both systems allow you to handle one or two bales at any one time. See the dual-bale clamp process below:

1. Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 handling 1 2. Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 handling 2 3. Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 handling 3

Efficiency in the field, and at the stack

The SUB240 works well both in the loading cycle in the field, and the unloading cycle in the farm yard. This handler can operate equally well with modern tractor loaders or telehandlers, various brackets available to suit. See the process below:

1. Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 loading 2 2. Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 loading 1 3. Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 loading 3

  1. The Pick Up. Drive the telehandler into the field with SUB240 and a flatbed trailer. Unhook the flatbed and go to pick up the first two bales.
  2. The Drop Off. Transport two bales each cycle back to the flatbed trailer and load.
  3. The Stack. When the flatbed is fully loaded, transport the load to the bale store. Stack the bales in pairs for double efficiency and halved cycle times.

Unlimited bale handling possibilities

Bale gripper SUB240 can handle a wide range of various sized dual-baled materials, rectangular or round:
  1. Straw bales.
  2. Cardboard bales.
  3. Hay bales.
  4. Plastic or other waste bales.
  5. Round bales: Wrapped silage or haylage.
  6. Rectangular bales: Wrapped silage or haylage.

1. Straw 2. Cardboard 3. Hay 4. Plastic 5. Wrapped 6. Square bale

Double stacks – Horizontal or Tub

Stronga SUB240 offers the ability to stack or lift bales in alternative ways to improve the efficiency and ease-of-use while reducing cycle times. See the graphics below, showing:
  1. Tub bale stacking.
  2. Horizontal bale stacking.

1. Round bale grab SRB120 tub 1 2. Round bale grab SRB120 horizontal

Caring for bales, the Stronga way

Stronga Bale gripper SUB240 has rounded UltraCare bars which gently and carefully grab bales, reducing financial losses of torn bale wrap. Bale-contact points are rounded to ensure soft and secure handling, leading to reduced waste with reliability of performance.

Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 contact

Top perspective bar

An original and unique feature of the bale chamber on Stronga SUB-type bale handlers is the top perspective bar. This perspective bar acts as a reference point for the bale handling operator when grabbing bales to increase efficiency and reduce cycle times.

Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 top bar

Universal Bale Grab SUB120 overview:

Double Univeral Bale Grab SUB240 image + benefits

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