Universal Bale Grab offers endless bale handling applications

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June, 2014

The Universal Bale Grab SUB120 attachment offers excellent reliability, low cost of ownership and proven performance for professional bale handling. Stronga SUB-type bale handlers offer universality, efficiency, rapid offloading and precise stacking like no other product in the market today.

Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 title

VIDEO: Wrapped bale handling performance

Multi-application bale gripper

Stronga bale handler SUB120 has the potential to handle a wide range of baled materials, allowing the professional contractor to now expand their business. Handle various size bales, rectangular or round:
  1. Straw bales.
  2. Cardboard bales.
  3. Hay bales.
  4. Plastic or other waste bales.
  5. Round bales: Wrapped silage or haylage.
  6. Rectangular bales: Wrapped silage or haylage.

1. Straw 2. Cardboard 3. Hay 4. Plastic 5. Wrapped 6. Square bale

Rounded contact points safely handle wrapped bales

In today’s environment, who can afford to puncture the wrapping and lose the bale? What’s the total cost of damage to wrapping in your operation? The Bale Grab SUB120 gently handles, preserves and cares for your bales. UltraCare bale-contact points are rounded to ensure soft and secure handling, leading to reduced waste with reliability of performance.

Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 rounded

Perspective for perfect positioning

An original and unique feature of the bale chamber is the top contact bar. This bar acts as a guide or reference point for the operator when handling bales to increase efficiency and reduce cycle times. The operator can rest the guide bar up against the bale for an indicator of when to clamp. See the process below:

Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 guide bar

  1. The Approach. If the bale is incorrectly positioned, the operator can use the leading arm to nose the bale into the perfect position.
  2. The Contact. Highly visible top guide bar is rested upon the bale. This contact advises the operator the bale is positioned perfectly.
  3. The Clamp. The operator efficiently clamps the bale with rounded arms and swiftly moves away in one motion.

Efficiency and Ease-of-use

Bales are often awkwardly positioned which would normally make handling difficult. The compact and versatile Universal Bale Grab SUB120 has the ability to ‘nose over’ bales, leading to improved efficiency and greater productivity for the professional operator. See the process below:

Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 nosing over

Unlimited possibilities with grab geometry

The 1 metre gripping range allows the operator to grip bales of varying shapes and sizes. This important feature maximises productivity and versatility because the operator can swiftly handle any challenge.
  • 1700mm wide open grab.
  • 700mm wide closed grab.

Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 open grab Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 closed grab

Main pivot point geometry

The large diameter heavy duty greasable pivot pin with bronze bushing offers the professional operator super strength and reliable, long life operation. The geometric design is more resilient, more powerful and more reliable than any other bale grab in the market today.

Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 pin

Universal Bale Grab SUB120 overview:

Univeral Bale Grab SUB120 image + benefits

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