Multibucket (SMP238): Can you afford to not own it?

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April, 2014

Stronga Multibucket (SMP238) is the original model of it’s kind in the market today. The versatile, innovative and efficient design will work hard for you, day-in day-out.

VIDEO: Multi-material bucket handler

Multibucket title

The global handling solution

Multibucket (SMP238) is a universal material transport attachment. Side cheeks can be easily removed. The beauty of the design is it’s ability to transport hard-to-lift and awkward products, such as:
  • Tree roots.
  • Tree trunks.
  • Brushwood.
  • Rehandling bales.
  • Silage.
  • + multiple other materials...
SMP238 apps

Stronga by design

Multibucket (SMP238) has a deep and curved bucket body which maximises the load capacity and self-cleans to make your work easier. The open rear windows allows the operator visibility into the bucket for optimal material control. SMP238 visibility

Wonderful welding

Stronga weld all products with absolute precision. Reinforcing plates, high strength steels all working together to ensure product longevity for low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance.

Optimised fill capacity

High strength Hardox Tee plates on the fork tips offer maximum material gripping ability. The bucket fill capacity is greatly improved, leading to optimal efficiency. SMP238 Hardox Ts

Stress detection software

The design is sturdy with extra reinforcement in high stress sections of the under-body. Stronga calculate these sections using stress detection software. Multibucket (SMP238) guarantees maximal loading capabilities.

SMP238 image + benefits

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