STRONGA HookLoada HL 180T trailer in Slovenia

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July, 2012

Stronga sales partner GK Kordež have recieved strong interest from Solvenian customers in the multifunction ability of the STRONGA HookLoada HL180T.

Mid-June, the company participated in the FOREST LANCOVO, where they presented the STRONGA HookLoada HL180T trailer, demonstating the machine to customers in Slovenia. About 4,000 visitors gathered to view the latest technology in forestry. Large and small farmers, as well as agricultural contractors attended the show. The HookLoada HL180T at the Lancovo Forest Exhibition, Solvenia HookLoada has the abilty to handle heavyside materails as well as bulkly materials like woodchip

The hook lift system has attracted great interest, it was the first hook-lift system that was introduced in the country. Clients had many questions for our representatives in Slovenia, and our sales partner Gregory Kordež.

Both heavyside and bulky materails can be handled with the same trailer.

Gregory confirmed a good level of serious customer enquiries at the show and is sure that STRONGA HookLoada will fit into the market, offering customers great value for money and the flexibilty to offer multple functions in the market in Slovenia.

At the fair, customers were able to observe the work with the hook-lift HookLoada, the loading, dumping and onloading containers.

Bale transporting is another use for the HookLoada shown here working in Slovenia.

Customers in Slovenia have also assessed the benefits of the HookLoada in woodchip transport, both in the forest and on the road, the container height is convenient for blowing woodchip directly into the container, saving time, energy and fuel.

HookLoada in action in the forest demonstration area, the container can be offloaded to make filling faster and easier.